Hard Rock's Product Life Cycle and Design

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Hard Rock prides itself as having something for each and every customer and to keep up with the ever shifting demands from the customers (Hard Rock, 2011). This essay seeks to explore the Hard Rock Company’s product development and design.

How product design is applied in decision-making of Hard Rock

The design and development of new cafes, live venues, retail stores, hotels and casinos, and Hard Rock Memorabilia is overseen by Joseph Emanuele, the Vice President of Design and Development. He leads teams that design and develops projects that represent the Hard Rock brand to ensure that the all product offering meets the strategy and standards of the brand (Hard Rock, 2011).

Product Life Cycles in the organization

A product's life cycle can be represented by four phases: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline (KnowThis, 2011). The hospitality business has to revise its offerings to constantly reflect the shifting times. The menu is constantly modified and reinvented to conform to product availability, satisfy customer's demands and follow regulatory requirements world over. The Hard Rock Memorabilia collection has to be kept updated at all times as new music trends, which form the basis for the collection, are always changing everyday. The collection has to be constantly maintained to keep it from undergoing a decline. The establishment also builds new hotels and casinos as it expands world over. The new businesses undergo the product life cycle but the company incorporates life cycle extension strategies so as to keep their business from a decline and keep on performing (Hard Rock, 2011).

Product Development at Hard Rock

The company has distinct departments which have clearly outlined duties and responsibilities. These include: Cafe Operations; Franchise Operations; Finance; HR; Business Affairs and General Counsel; Design and Development; Merchandise; and Hotel and Casinos. These segmentation in responsibilities ensures that the products are developed in segmented components, adding flexibility in production and marketing. As an example, the menus that the company has are segmented according to regions. The overall result is the close adaptation of the menu to regional preferences and the customers get more satisfied (Hard Rock, 2011).


Product design is taken up by the Design and Development department at Hard Rock. The company works hard to extend the life of its products so that they do not get to the decline stage of the product life cycle. In a bid to closely tailor the business to the customers’ needs world over, a modular approach is used to develop its products.

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Hard Rock's Product Life Cycle and Design

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